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At the Feet of The Mother

Vision of Auroville Foundation Ceremony – Champaklal


Our brother Narad had arranged on 21st February 1979, The Mother’s birthday, a flower-show at his place in Auroville as a loving offering to our Divine Mother from his dedicated family. For me to go to his garden would have been a joy even on any other day, to see brother Narad with his plants as if he were near the Mother. The plants speak to him, of course the plants speak to others also, but everyone does not hear. When he is near the plants, his face beams. It is a happy sight to see him and the plants together. His love for nature and his devotion thrill us. If one loves nature and becomes one with nature, one gets the feeling of being in another world when one is in his garden.

As soon as we reached his place, we entered into a pleasant, joyful and devotional atmosphere. We saw all the flowers arranged in a very simple and artistic way, with their significances given by the Mother. It was not only a show of flowers but their living presence. All the flowers were expressing themselves and it was very difficult to move away from their presence.

After we had seen the garden, we were taken to the top of Matrimandir, to the Meditation Hall. We sat there for some time. It was very quiet. The atmosphere was extremely peaceful and full of dynamic force.

I saw the Mother with Her supreme sweet smile, pouring all Her love. The Hall was filled with supreme Love. She caressed my head for a few seconds, with both hands, and put Her seal on my forehead by way of a soft kiss. I saw in the Hall nothing except brilliant golden Light. I felt She covered both my eyes with Her palms, the way She used to do when She was in Her physical body.

I saw the Auroville Foundation Ceremony of 28th February 1968 as I had heard it being narrated to the Mother then. But now I saw all with an inner significance. I saw the Mother just above each youth participating in the Foundation Ceremony, with Her beatific, sweet, supreme smile. She radiated bright golden light and Her Divine Love. This reminded me of Krishna’s Ras Lila. Each participant was on a lion, holding his country’s flag in one hand and the earth of his land in the other, marching towards the Foundation Urn. The whole sight was magnificent. The lions were beautiful and most majestic in a shining golden colour. Their huge manes were almost touching the ground. The whole atmosphere was permeated with some unseen substance. This day of 28th February 1968 was unique in the world’s history — as expressed in an ancient Sanskrit saying — भूतो भविष्यति — it has never happened before and will not occur in the future!

This vision reminds me of what the Mother once told me — that the flowers of Divine Love, which She used to give to Kamala for preparing Blessing Packets, were charged by Her. Now She gave me the experience of how She would do it. I saw the whole Meditation Hall of Matrimandir charged with the supreme Divine Love. […]

“Love of flowers is a valuable help for finding and uniting with the psychic.” – THE MOTHER

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.