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At the Feet of The Mother

The Vital Nature and the Psychic Being

What is required for the psychic to emerge?

Aspiration for devotion, and refusal of egoistic movement.

When the psychic touches there is an intensification of love but the lower vital mixes up the love with all sorts of demands.

You speak of the psychic transforming the lower vital. Can it do so completely or is it the higher consciousness that does it?

I mean here a preliminary transformation turning it towards the Divine and purifying it so that it can receive the higher consciousness.

How is it that when one is realising the Self above, one does not get the ecstasies one has when the psychic is active?

Love, joy and happiness come from the psychic. The Self gives peace or a universal Ananda.

Is it possible for the psychic to be inactive even though the Self is realised, and the mind and the vital do not resist the Divine?

It is often like that. The psychic waits till the full stabilisation of the self-realisation down to the physical or sometimes down to the higher vital.

When the consciousness drops a little below the overhead centre, there is a sense of separation and the heart begins to yearn.

The yearning of the heart may be there but it should not disturb the peace.

I think it is better to stop it for the present. It is very possible that the vital is taking advantage of it to create dissatisfaction with the progress of the sadhana. The psychic yearning brings no reaction of impatience, dissatisfaction or disturbance.

If the psychic yearning is like that, then how will it express the pangs of separation?

Pangs of separation belong to the vital, not to the psychic; the psychic having no pangs need not express them. The psychic is always turned towards the Divine in faith, joy and confidence — whatever aspiration it has is full of trust and hope.

If the pangs of separation are in the vital, is it because its nature is such that when it turns to the Divine it feels them? Or are they a wrong movement?

It is its ordinary nature applying itself to the movement towards the Divine.

Is this the right way of the vital’s opening to the Divine?

No, not in this yoga. It is allowed in certain Vaishnava forms of Yoga. In this Yoga, the more psychic the movements, the better.

What would be the right way for the vital in this Yoga?

It must conform its movement to the psychic movement.

It is said that the psychic is in direct connection with the Divine. Why should it then have yearning for the Divine?

It is for the presence of the Divine in the heart consciousness or manifestation here.

How is one to distinguish the bhakti of the vital from that of the psychic?

The main distinction is that the vital demands, the psychic gives itself.

When the whole nature is engrossed in feeling, thinking, acting round the word “Mother”, would the psychic be realised?

That would of itself be the psychic state.

An increasing pressure is felt, right from the cardiac centre down to the navel. It rises and descends increasingly.

It means a strong working to connect the psychic and vital together.

Can one be wide-awake to the Mother’s presence in sleep even?

That does happen, but usually only when the psychic is in full activity.

I dreamt of three aeroplanes rising from a steamer. What does it indicate?

I suppose something capable of ascent in the psychic, the inner mind, the inner vital.

During the sadhana, has the psychic also to ascend?

It joins itself to the higher consciousness.

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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.