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At the Feet of The Mother

Voice of the Deformed God, pp. 510-511

Opening Remarks
The Titans were once gods who fell because they separated from their origin in the Divine. The human ego becomes a good ground for the Titan to take hold upon earth.

Warped echo
She spoke and from the lower human world
An answer, a warped echo met her speech;
The voice came through the spaces of the mind
Of the dwarf-Titan, the deformed chained god
Who strives to master his nature’s rebel stuff
And make the universe his instrument.

The words of luminous power and might are distorted by the human ego. A warped echo rises from the Abysses of creation that seeks to usurp the Divine Power for egoistic ends. It is the voice of the dwarf and deformed Titan once a god. He strives to make this universe his instrument by mastering his rebel nature rather than becoming an instrument of the Divine.

Ego of this great world of desire
The Ego of this great world of desire
Claimed earth and the wide heavens for the use
Of man, head of the life it shapes on earth,
Its representative and conscious soul,
And symbol of evolving light and force
And vessel of the godhead that must be.

The Titan is the flower of the human ego nurtured on the soil of desire. He claims the earth and heavens for his use, for the satisfaction of the human ego that stands presently as the head of life. He claims the human ego to be the representative of earthly life and the conscious soul. The ego-self is to him the evolving light and force and vessel of the godhead it wishes to be.

A thinking animal
A thinking animal, Nature’s struggling lord,
Has made of her his nurse and tool and slave
And pays to her as wage and emolument
Inescapably by a deep law in things
His heart’s grief and his body’s death and pain:
His pains are her means to grow, to see and feel;
His death assists her immortality.

The Titan regards the human being as nothing more than a thinking animal. As the lord of Nature he struggles to make her his nurse and tool and slave and for this act pays her with grief and death and pain for such is the cosmic law that governs the universe. He believes that things grow through pain and he becomes immortal through death.

Desire’s dupe
A tool and slave of his own slave and tool,
He praises his free will and his master mind
And is pushed by her upon her chosen paths;
Possessor he is possessed and, ruler, ruled,
Her conscious automaton, her desire’s dupe.

The more the Titan tries to make nature his tool and slave, the more he becomes her tool and slave. He believes he has the freedom to do as he wishes with his mind as master whereas he is actually being pushed by nature upon the paths she chooses for him. Trying to possess her he is himself possessed and in his effort to rule her he is ruled by her becoming her conscious automaton duped by desire.

Revolted serf
His soul is her guest, a sovereign mute, inert,
His body her robot, his life her way to live,
His conscious mind her strong revolted serf.

He regards the soul as simply as a visiting guest or a sovereign who is mute and inert His body is her robot and his life is simply a life created for purposes of nature. His conscious mind is nothing else but her strong revolted serf.

Closing Remarks
The Titan is the revolted angel who lives only for the satisfaction of his separate ego self and desire.

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