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At the Feet of The Mother

Voice of the Titan, pp. 511-512

Opening Remarks
The Titan speaks and reveals his gospel.

The voice smote some inner sun
The voice rose up and smote some inner sun.

The titan’s voice angrily rose up as if trying to strike at some inner Source of Light and Truth.

A claimant to the throne of heaven
“I am the heir of the forces of the earth,
Slowly I make good my right to my estate;
A growing godhead in her divinised mud,
I climb, a claimant to the throne of heaven.

The Titan claims to be the heir of the forces of the earth. He slowly takes into charge his estate by growing into the godhead carved out of the mud. He climbs as a claimant to the throne of heaven.

The last-born and the first
The last-born of the earth I stand the first;
Her slow millenniums waited for my birth.

Though he is the last-born he regards himself as the highest whom the millenniums have prepared and waited for.

For my use the universe was made
Although I live in Time besieged by Death,
Precarious owner of my body and soul
Housed on a little speck amid the stars,
For me and my use the universe was made.

Although he lives in Time and is besieged by Death as the precarious owner of his body and soul living upon a little speck amid the stars, yet he believes that the universe was made for his use.

I am God
Immortal spirit in the perishing clay,
I am God still unevolved in human form;
Even if he is not, he becomes in me.

He regards himself as an immortal spirit in a perishing clay. God is none else but he who is still evolving in a human form. Even if he is not he is made tangible through me.

All was made for me
The sun and moon are lights upon my path;
Air was invented for my lungs to breathe,
Conditioned as a wide and wall-less space
For my winged chariot’s wheels to cleave a road,
The sea was made for me to swim and sail
And bear my golden commerce on its back:
It laughs cloven by my pleasure’s gliding keel,
I laugh at its black stare of fate and death.

The Titan believes that the sun and the moon and the air and space and the sea were all made for his pleasure and use, to swim and sail and carry his commerce along the different routes of earth laughing at the black stare of death and fate.

Earth to sky
The earth is my floor, the sky my living’s roof.

The whole earth and the sky were meant to be his living space.

Closing Remarks
The Titan lives only for his ego and regards creation as an object meant to give him pleasure and comfort.

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