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At the Feet of The Mother

Walls of Mind, pp. 251-252

Opening Remarks
The mind, by its very nature can see things in bits and parts. It knows a little but much more escapes its vision.

No light of heavenly certitude
In her high works of pure intelligence,
In her withdrawal from the senses’ trap,
There comes no breaking of the walls of mind,
There leaps no rending flash of absolute power,
There dawns no light of heavenly certitude.

Sometimes Reason can withdraw itself from the trap of senses and discover a pure universal Intelligence. That is how great philosophies that contemplate upon the nature of things are born. Still it is limited by the mind’s inability to break from its own limiting walls. There is not yet the flash of intuition that awakens in the mind of the seer. All remains uncertain in the end, an indirect and inferential knowledge beleaguered with doubt and incertitude.

Turbaned with a doubt
A million faces wears her knowledge here
And every face is turbaned with a doubt.

Reason has collected heaps of information on a variety of subjects turning each into a system of thought or a body of knowledge. But even though practical and workable, none of it carries an absolute certainty.

All now is questioned
All now is questioned, all reduced to nought.

With passage of time and with new information, all its knowledge begins to crack and is collapses.

Endless march without a goal
Once monumental in their massive craft
Her old great mythic writings disappear
And into their place start strict ephemeral signs;
This constant change spells progress to her eyes:
Her thought is an endless march without a goal.

Thus its systems of knowledge and understanding that seemed so perfect in its own time disappear at a later date making way for an entirely new understanding of things. Thus knowledge advances slowly but insecurely aided by the power of Reason. It changes its theories and formulas as it marches forward.

No summit to see the whole
There is no summit on which she can stand
And see in a single glance the Infinite’s whole.

Reason labours towards the summits of human consciousness from one side. Its approach takes a particular angle and it is from this angle that it understands things. But to know the Truth in its totality is not within its powers. For that it must climb further to the very summit where both senses and Reason undergo a transmutation. New faculties and powers are born through which we can see the true nature of things in a better and wider and clearer Light than Reason possesses.

Closing Remarks
Right now we see things only in bits and parts with the help of reason. Though useful in its place, Reason must slowly give way to higher modes of knowledge through which we can comprehend the Whole.

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