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At the Feet of The Mother

Warrior of the Worlds, pp. 509-510

Opening Remarks
These great and mighty goddesses reside in Savitri’s soul and wear different faces depending upon the need of the soul.

Smite the Titan
I smite the Titan who bestrides the world
And slay the ogre in his blood-stained den.

The mighty goddess smites the Titan striding across the world and slays the ogre in his den stained with the blood of those it has killed.

Goddess and Queen and Warrior
I am Durga, goddess of the proud and strong,
And Lakshmi, queen of the fair and fortunate;
I wear the face of Kali when I kill,
I trample the corpses of the demon hordes.

She reveals herself as Durga worshiped by the proud and the strong. She reveals herself as Lakshmi, queen of the fair and the fortunate. She appears as Kali, the warrior of the worlds when she kills the demons and dances upon the slain with the triumphant cry of the victory of good.

Charged by God
I am charged by God to do his mighty work,
Uncaring I serve his will who sent me forth,
Reckless of peril and earthly consequence.

These powers of God are charged by His mandate and carry out His Will in creation. They care not for anything else except for executing the Divine Command without any regard for peril and earthly consequence.

Reason not
I reason not of virtue and of sin
But do the deed he has put into my heart.

She reasons not weighing and considering virtue and sin but simply follows the impulsion of God in her heart.

Fear not
I fear not for the angry frown of Heaven,
I flinch not from the red assault of Hell;
I crush the opposition of the gods,
Tread down a million goblin obstacles.

She fears not the angry frown of the gods in Heaven who helplessly watch her mighty action. Nor does she shrink from the assault of the darkest forces of Hell and the underworlds. She crushes with her blows even the gods who oppose her action driven by the impulsion of the Almighty. She walks over a million goblins who try to obstruct her path.

Guardian power
I guide man to the path of the Divine
And guard him from the red Wolf and the Snake.

She is the guardian power of the Divine who guards man in his upward journey from the treacherous and hostile forces that assail the seeker.

Heavenly sword
I set in his mortal hand my heavenly sword
And put on him the breastplate of the gods.

She gives her victorious edge of might and fine discernment, the heavenly sword, in the hand of her vibhutis, putting on them the breastplate, the protective shield of the gods.

Die to earth and live in his soul
I break the ignorant pride of human mind
And lead the thought to the wideness of the Truth;
I rend man’s narrow and successful life
And force his sorrowful eyes to gaze at the sun
That he may die to earth and live in his soul.

She breaks the ignorant pride of human mind and leads his thought to wideness of truth. She tears away man’s narrow and successful life and forces his sorrowful eyes to lift towards the sun so that he may die to earth and live in his soul.

Closing remarks
The mighty goddess is armed with the fiat of God to save man against the forces that oppose his Godward advance.

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