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At the Feet of The Mother

The Descent of Light pp. 3-4

B1 C1 Movement 1 Passage-by-Passage Summary

Revelation and the flame
Then through the pallid rift that seemed at first
Hardly enough for a trickle from the suns,
Outpoured the revelation and the flame.

The initial opening, however small at first, begins to grow wider and wider and as it enters the recipient consciousness more and more, it lights up the skies and the earth. We become conscious of things that were hidden, we develop a new sight as Light informs our senses and our mind. This new sight is revelatory and operates through a direct intuitive knowing rather than a laborious analytical process. The flame of aspiration also grows as light pours upon us. This is the process of spiritual growth beautifully described through this significant image.

The brief perpetual sign
The brief perpetual sign recurred above.

Though the periods through which the Light stays are initially brief, yet it returns and recurs again and again until all is beautiful and bright. This return of the Light or the Advent of the Divine is always marked by certain signs signaling hope upon Earth.

Sowing the Seeds of Light
A glamour from unreached transcendences
Iridescent with the glory of the Unseen,
A message from the unknown immortal Light               (p.4 begins)
Ablaze upon creation’s quivering edge,
Dawn built her aura of magnificent hues
And buried its seed of grandeur in the hours.

It is difficult for creation to make this great ascension towards the Light. Hence the Light leans down and brings to us the glories and the knowledge hidden in unseen transcendent realms. It awakens us to the divine magnificence towards which we are ordinarily blind, and all our nature thrills with the message of Dawn, the divine messenger. Having thus awakened us, the Light enters deep into the mud and soil of our earth-nature as a seed, that will emerge through a process of evolution in Time, and become a living knowledge and power in our being.

An instant visitor
An instant’s visitor the godhead shone.

It is not easy to hold the Light for long. It comes initially as a brief guest, a visitor so to say.

The Vision
On life’s thin border awhile the Vision stood
And bent over earth’s pondering forehead curve.

The form divine meets our sight. Rather it chooses to enter within the limits of our sight. The Glory and the Wonder leans towards Earth, and we are filled with the touch and sight of eternity in our earth-bound material existence. It is a Grace sent to Earth and men.

The greatness of spiritual dawns
Interpreting a recondite beauty and bliss
In colour’s hieroglyphs of mystic sense,
It wrote the lines of a significant myth
Telling of a greatness of spiritual dawns,
A brilliant code penned with the sky for page.

It is only when we have experienced this Beauty and Bliss, otherwise abstract and deep to us, that we understand the true sense of what the forefathers saw and felt. Then we truly understand the arrangement of symbols and colours through which the deeper Reality communicates with us. The ground of this unique experience is the inner Space, the sky that holds our outer frame though we know it not. We are born to a new language of life, a symbolic language that gives a new meaning to all our experience.

The Epiphany
Almost that day the epiphany was disclosed
Of which our thoughts and hopes are signal flares;
A lonely splendour from the invisible goal
Almost was flung on the opaque Inane.

Finally there comes the epiphany, the moment when we are face to face with the Truth whose messages were being received until now indirectly through our mind and heart. The sun of Truth is witnessed, from which all lights emerge and illumine us. We see the one Truth, lonely Splendour, that approaches us in many ways. The process that would end Ignorance begins with the arrival of this Splendour from Beyond.

A Form from far beatitudes
Once more a tread perturbed the vacant Vasts;
Infinity’s centre, a Face of rapturous calm
Parted the eternal lids that open heaven;
A Form from far beatitudes seemed to near.

As aspiration grows upon Earth and men open more and more to the Light, the time becomes ripe for the Divine Mother’s Advent upon Earth. This is an individual as well as collective event. The form from far beatitudes is the Presence of the Divine Mother, that slowly grows within us as we progress upon the Path. It is through Her that we can enter into contact with eternity and infinity. Our finite life begins to open up to Infinite Existence, our finite minds to an Infinite Truth, our limited consciousness to a limitless vast throbbing with the Bliss and Power and Love of the Infinite. So too when the Divine Mother manifests upon Earth assuming a human body, then doors of eternity open to bring into play some possibility that was hidden in the Unmanifest.

Ambassadress between eternity and change
Ambassadress twixt eternity and change,
The omniscient Goddess leaned across the breadths
That wrap the fated journeyings of the stars
And saw the spaces ready for her feet.

The Divine Mother’s Advent upon Earth opens the doors to the possibility of a diviner change and a happier life. She comes to bring out some new possibility into manifestation out of the Unmanifest. She leans across the paths of Time, and as She descends, the wheels of Fate begin to move along the paths She makes. It is She who can open the doors of the Unmanifest and free the souls that seek liberation. At the same time for those who seek to labour for the Divine Victory in the world, to establish terrestrial Perfection, it is She who brings the victor Power and the Power of transformation.

The veiled sun
Once she half looked behind for her veiled sun,
Then, thoughtful, went to her immortal work.

It is not easy for Her to take a human birth. Earth must be ready and matter itself must be prepared to hold the intense Light and Power. Hence She veils Herself, She assumes the terrestrial robe and wears this mortal cloak built from the fabric of Ignorance. Then goes along with Her work of change for which She has come. It is the work She has undertaken and has been engaged with since the very inception of the Earth. It is She who has lit the fire of aspiration in the heart of Earth-nature and it is She who descends to intervene in the crucial moments of Earth’s evolutionary history.

Kindling the Fire
Earth felt the Imperishable’s passage close:
The waking ear of Nature heard her steps
And wideness turned to her its limitless eye,
And, scattered on sealed depths, her luminous smile
Kindled to fire the silence of the worlds.

The Divine Mother not only veils her Self from others but even from Herself, so that She can show the ways to aspiring humanity now shut out from the Light and Bliss. Man does not see or know, but Nature marks and the vast summits of consciousness witness the Divine Birth. Our souls feel the smile of Divine Grace within, and in the worlds of mind and life and body is lit the fire of aspiration towards the Light.

The rite and stir of a new life
All grew a consecration and a rite.

Her coming brings into play a new cycle of manifestation. A new yagna starts upon Earth as the fire is lit in its silent breast. As the center of earthly life, She silently receives all its yearnings and responds to the cry.

The cosmic yagna
Air was a vibrant link between earth and heaven;
The wide-winged hymn of a great priestly wind
Arose and failed upon the altar hills;
The high boughs prayed in a revealing sky.

The dumb material nature responds at first. The air and the winds, the mountains, the flowers and the trees feel the impulsion of a new life that has been infused upon Earth, and feel the joy of the Divine Mother’s touch. They too pray and seek for Light. A cosmic yagna starts with the Divine Mother as the presiding Deity, the leader of the human march, the forerunner of a New life.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.