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At the Feet of The Mother

We’ve got to keep going in this life

In each life we are given certain possibilities of growth and progress. If we miss that opportunity then we have to still do it but under even more difficult circumstances. This is especially so of those who for whatever reasons try to cut short their life. But even otherwise when we do not make the best use of the capacities and faculties and possibilities given to us by Nature then she assumes the role of a difficult taskmaster which is obviously not very pleasant.

Secondly, our living is not only about us but also about those whom we love and who love us, our family and friends whom we care for and who care for us. Our living makes an obvious difference to them. Besides, we owe something to the earth that has formed our body; we owe something to our parents and teachers who have nurtured and nourished us in some way; we owe something to the gods and the Divine who has given us this wonderful life as an opportunity to grow and continues to give us many beautiful inner and outer gifts.

We must be grateful to these beings and people who have shaped our lives and use our living to enrich the earth and every other life upon the planet through beautiful deeds and spreading hope and light and goodwill amongst all. This can be best done only when we are in a human body. To quit the game of life is therefore a very selfish act and selfishness never brings the right and full response from Nature who has given this life to us so that we may share with all what we receive from her and from the Divine.

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