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At the Feet of The Mother

When Life Turns Difficult

Difficult moments come so that we, breaking our fixed ways and habitual thoughts, can look within, reflect and re-evaluate.  They are moments of intense growth and if we carefully look within, they are moments when we need to rethink what we truly value and reorient our goals.

When outer circumstances and situations do not seem to be changing, it means that nature is pushing us towards an inner change. Instead of lamenting over what cannot be done, we should rather focus on what still can be done, and there always is something that can be done within us, if not outside. In fact, that is the most important thing for which we are here.

So even if all seems hopeless, we still have to trust the Divine Guide within, and putting ourself and the difficulty in His Hands ask Him to give us the needed wisdom and strength. Then an inner door opens, while all outer avenues seem closed, and a light awakens within, in which we begin to see the whole situation in a new way as never before. This is the path that the wise ones have revealed to man and it always works if we practice it sincerely.

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