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At the Feet of The Mother

Winds of Change – The World, India, Ashram, and the Individual (HH 086)

We live in times of transition when one Age passes into another. These are times when as the Mother has revealed to us, the old bases are shaken. The best and the worst are dug out of the deep bowels of the earth and brought to light so that the mind of the human race can relook at it and discard it consciously, once and for all. While on the one hand we see the crumbling edifices of old established institutions, on the other hand, we see a effort, however premature, at reconstruction. The following talk takes a look at this process and our role in it.

Words of the Mother

The Soul of India is one and indivisible. India is conscious of her mission in the world. She is waiting for the exterior means of manifestation.

June 6, 1947

* * *

O our Mother, O Soul of India, Mother who hast never forsaken thy children even in the days of darkest depression, even when they turned away from thy voice, served other masters and denied thee, now when they have arisen and the light is on thy face in this dawn of thy liberation, in this great hour we salute thee. Guide us so that the horizon of freedom opening before us may be also a horizon of true greatness and of thy true life in the community of the nations. Guide us so that we may be always on the side of great ideals and show to men thy true visage, as a leader in the ways of the spirit and a friend and helper of all the peoples.

August 15, 1947

* * *

I pray to you to save India from the Indians.

Yes, it seems rather necessary.


* * *

The future of India is luminous in spite of its present gloom.


* * *

Patriotic sentiments are not incompatible with our yoga far from it to will for the strength and the integrity of one’s Motherland is a quite legitimate sentiment, the will that she may make progress and that more and more she may manifest, in full freedom, the truth of her being, is a fine and noble will which cannot be harmful for our yoga.

But one must not get excited, one must not plunge prematurely into action. One can and should pray, aspire and will for the victory of the truth and, at the same time, continue to discharge one’s daily duties and wait quietly for the unmistakable sign to come, indicating the action to be done.
With my blessings.

October 27, 1962

* * *

What is our most outstanding achievement in recent times? Why do you consider it so important?

Waking up of the yearning for Truth. Because without Truth there is no reality.

Likewise, can you name our saddest failure? On what grounds do you regard it as so tragic?

Insincerity. Because insincerity leads to ruin.

January 26, 1964

* * *

Sublime Mother,
Our aim is no exclusive national system of education for India but an essential and fundamental education for all mankind. But is it not true, Mother, that this education, because of India’s special fitness by virtue of her past cultural striving and attainment, is India’s privilege and special responsibility towards herself and the world? At any rate, this essential education is India’s national education to my mind. In fact, I regard this as the national education of each great country with characteristic differentiations peculiar to each nation. I wonder whether this is correct and Mother would endorse it.

Yes, this is quite correct and part of what I would have said if I had had time to answer your questions. India has or rather had the knowledge of the Spirit, but she neglected matter and suffered for it.

The West has the knowledge of matter but rejected the Spirit and suffers badly for it. An integral education which could, with some variations, be adapted to all the nations of the world, must bring back the legitimate authority of the Spirit over a matter fully developed and utilised.
This is in short what I wanted to say.
With blessings.

July 26, 1965

* * *

What illusions and delusions is our education today beset with? How could we possibly keep clear of them?

(a) The almost exclusive importance given to success, career and money.
(b) Insist on the paramount importance of the contact with the Spirit and the growth and manifestation of the Truth of the being.

August 5, 1965

* * *

India must find back and manifest her soul.

* * *

You have said in one of Your messages:
“The number one problem for India is to find back and manifest her soul.”
How to find back India’s soul?

Become conscious of your psychic being. Let your psychic being become intensely interested in India’s Soul and aspire towards it, with an attitude of service; and if you are sincere you will succeed.

June 15, 1970

* * *

India is the country where the psychic law can and must rule and the time has come for that here. Besides, it is the only possible salvation for this country whose consciousness has unfortunately been distorted by the influence and domination of a foreign nation, but which, in spite of everything, possesses a unique spiritual heritage.

August 2, 1970

* * *

(The message below was distributed at the Ashram with the introduction: “A mantra given by the Mother for all people in the country for the present crisis.”)

Supreme Lord, Eternal Truth
Let us obey Thee alone and live according to Truth.

June 1971

* * *

The only thing to do is to pray from the heart for the Divine intervention as that is the only thing that can save us. And all people who can become conscious of this must decide very firmly to stand only on the Truth and to act only in the Truth. There should be no compromise. This is very essential. It is the only way.

Even if things seem to go wrong and badly for us, as indeed they will, because of the present prevailing falsehood we should not be deterred from our own determination to stand on the Truth.
This is the only way.

July 1971

* * *

The Ashram, the World and The Individual: Nolini Kanta Gupta

MOTHER told us long ago that our Ashram is an epitome of India. It represents all that is good in India and also all that is bad all the bad qualities, her weaknesses, all that is crooked and false, dark and obscure. And the Ashram, being a concentrated centre of all that, represents them in a specially intense form.

Now the pressure from above has come to change and for that purpose all the dark points, all that is to be changed and rejected, have been exposed. They have been exposed everywhere in the Ashram and also outside the Ashram, in the country in general the same defects and weaknesses, the same wrong movements.

In India, in the bigger field, the government is trying to check and control these movements by external means: to some extent it is necessary and so the Central Authority has been given that strength and capacity.

But the Ashram was made to be a conscious collective centre where these things should and must change from within, not under external compulsion, and that is why the Ashram was not given an authority strong enough to dominate or control them. Here, the change should be conscious and, as I said, from within.

And each one of us who are here in the Ashram is in turn an epitome of the Ashram and all the good and bad elements and movements are in one way or other represented in him even  in the best ones the wrong movements can cast a shadow. So it is a task for everyone especially the so-called ‘best’ ones, that is, those who are more conscious, to detect and reject and change all that is wrong and false and develop all that is true and good, and thereby to change or help to change the very elements in Ashram-atmosphere as well as outside: that is the only solution and the only remedy to cure the ills individually, personally in one’s own consciousness. Then only a conscious collective consciousness can grow and develop in the Ashram with all these living and conscious units or cells and thereby change its own condition as well as the condition of India and also the condition of the world.

I say all this in view of the hard core, the strong seed that has to be formed out of which will sprout the future new creation. A centre should become such a seed, at least at its own centre, its own inmost centre; it must develop this inmost centre, its kernel, its living soul.

Mother also said that as India is a representative or an epitome of the world, just  in the same  way as the Ashram is the epitome of India and each individual in his turn an epitome of the Ashram, the world-problems will have to be solved in India. For India has the capacity and is destined to do so. When India solves her problems the world also will find its problems practically solved. And the Ashram is expected to show the way to the solution of India’s problems. Can the Ashram rise up to play its role? At least that was the Mother’s intention. It all depends upon its individual members.
Of course, we must remember, Mother’s help is always there.


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It is not the personality, the character that is of the first importance in rebirth — it is the psychic being who stands behind the evolution of the nature and evolves with it.