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At the Feet of The Mother

Wisdom Working in the Night, p. 231

Opening Remarks
What does Aswapati discover there in the core of Night? There too he discovers and uncovers the Divine Presence which was wearing this terrible mask.

Curious small futility
In atomic parcellings of the Infinite
Near to the dumb beginnings of lost Self,
He felt the curious small futility
Of the creation of material things.

The dumb depths of matter open to the Inconscient from where they have emerged as an action of the Grace. That is why matter is still strongly in the grip of the dark forces lending itself easily to disease and disintegration. There Aswapati felt the extreme forces of division that work in the minutest particles of matter.

Dark and bottomless mystery
Or, stifled in the Inconscient’s hollow dusk,
He sounded the mystery dark and bottomless
Of the enormous and unmeaning deeps
Whence struggling life in a dead universe rose.

It is the mystery of the Inconscient that Aswapati has set out to probe. Being a shadow of the Infinite this shadow itself is like a bottomless pit. There he beheld the origin of life stifled by the dark Inconscient and struggling to emerge out of matter.

Sealed sense
There in the stark identity lost by mind
He felt the sealed sense of the insensible world
And a mute wisdom in the unknowing Night.

There Aswapati discovered the sealed sense of creation and the mute Wisdom at work in its heart. There he discovered the lost Sun that the mind has forgotten and knows not.

Abysmal secrecy
Into the abysmal secrecy he came
Where darkness peers from her mattress, grey and nude,
And stood on the last locked subconscient’s floor
Where Being slept unconscious of its thoughts
And built the world not knowing what it built.

This is the last outpost of the Darkness, the secret of the Abyss where one can know the origin of Darkness in its primal state. There he beheld the great Being lying asleep in the darkest chamber not knowing the world that is emerging from him. The Divine Consciousness has changed into utter Unconsciousness there.

Secret key
There waiting its hour the future lay unknown,
There is the record of the vanished stars.
There in the slumber of the cosmic Will
He saw the secret key of Nature’s change.

There is the script of the future that is yet to unfold as well as the past that has been demolished by the steps of Time. There in the slumbering cosmic Will working silently in nature he found the secret key to Nature’s change.

A light was with him
A light was with him, an invisible hand
Was laid upon the error and the pain
Till it became a quivering ecstasy,
The shock of sweetness of an arm’s embrace.

Aswapati had entered the Darkness carrying the deathless Light in his heart. The invisible hand of Grace working in those depths touched the error and pain in that dark and dolorous realm and all was changed into ecstasy. He felt even there, in that darkness dumb and mute the presence of Divine Love labouring and holding creation in Its hands of sweetness and joy. He felt this sudden sweet embrace of Love in that formidable darkness.

Short cut to heaven’s gates
He saw in Night the Eternal’s shadowy veil,
Knew death for a cellar of the house of life,
In destruction felt creation’s hasty pace,
Knew loss as the price of a celestial gain
And hell as a short cut to heaven’s gates.

There he discovered that the Wisdom that has built this world and the Love that labours in the depths of creation have allowed darkness only as a short cut to heavenlier higher states. Chased and stifled by the darkness our souls aspire even more fervently. In this great journey of ascension, death is but just a momentary resting house of life and Night is but a veil He has put upon himself to hide and thereby compel us to seek and aspire. Destruction is nothing but God moving hastily towards a New Creation and loss of the ego and self-will is the price exacted by the Night as tax to discover the true Self and the Divine Will.

Closing Remarks
The Divine Will is at work everywhere and even in the depths of darkness the Divine Wisdom and Love can be found silently working to uplift and pull out creation from the Inconscient where it has plunged its roots.

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There is nothing sentimental in the true weeping that comes from the soul. All that you feel now is the blossoming of the psychic being in you and the growth of a real bhakti.