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At the Feet of The Mother

World as Living God, pp. 556-557

Opening Remarks
This experience of the One Supreme Divine everywhere, in everything and who has become everything is the door opening upon the possibility of a Divine Life upon earth.

All was He
Her spirit saw the world as living God;
It saw the One and knew that all was He.

Savitri experiences the One Divine everywhere and in everything as a living Reality. It is He who has become all these things.

Space and Time
She knew him as the Absolute’s self-space,
One with her self and ground of all things here
In which the world wanders seeking for the Truth
Guarded behind its face of ignorance:
She followed him through the march of endless Time.

She knew Him as the Absolute creating self-space for Itself. She herself was one with Him whom she saw as the stable ground of all things upon which and in which the world moves wandering in search of its Truth. This Truth that the world seeks is hidden within itself behind the veils of ignorance. Having become one with It, Savitri followed Him in the dynamic impulsions manifesting His hidden Reality in the march of endless Time.

All Nature is the habitation of the Lord
All Nature’s happenings were events in her,
The heart-beats of the cosmos were her own,
All beings thought and felt and moved in her;
She inhabited the vastness of the world,
Its distances were her nature’s boundaries,
Its closenesses her own life’s intimacies.

All movements of Nature were happening within her. The cosmos was her heart-beat and all beings thought and moved in her. She had spread into the vastness inhabiting the entire world building the boundaries of nature. All was close and intimate to her life.

One and multitudinous
Her mind became familiar with its mind,
Its body was her body’s larger frame
In which she lived and knew herself in it
One, multitudinous in its multitudes.

Savitri’s mind had become familiar with the methods and operations of Nature. The very body of Nature extending in space was Savitri’s own body in which she lived and knew herself. She was one yet multitudinous in its multitudes.

Single being yet all things
She was a single being, yet all things;
The world was her spirit’s wide circumference,
The thoughts of others were her intimates,
Their feelings close to her universal heart,
Their bodies her many bodies kin to her;
She was no more herself but all the world.

She was one and yet all things. The world was wrapped around her as her spirit’s wide robe. Her heart grown universal intimately knew the thoughts and feelings of others. She was in all and experienced all bodies as her bodies linked to her. She was no more a separate being but all the world.

Infinity was her natural home
Out of the infinitudes all came to her,
Into the infinitudes sentient she spread,
Infinity was her own natural home.

Infinity was her natural home. All came to her from the infinitudes and went into the infinitudes. All her transactions were cosmic in nature and touched each finite as a point in the infinite.

Nowhere yet everywhere
Nowhere she dwelt, her spirit was everywhere,
The distant constellations wheeled round her;
Earth saw her born, all worlds were her colonies,
The greater worlds of life and mind were hers;
All Nature reproduced her in its lines,
Its movements were large copies of her own.

She was nowhere exclusively yet everywhere. The distant constellations circled around her. Earth saw her taking up physical bodies yet all the worlds and its inhabitants were her colonies. Not only the physical world but the triple worlds of body, life and mind were hers. All Nature tried to reproduce her in form and name and copy her movements.

Closing Remarks
Savitri’s being has recovered her universal Self in its static and dynamic poises.

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