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At the Feet of The Mother

The Divine Representative upon Earth pp 22-23

B1C3 Passage-by-Passage Summary Posting 01

Opening Remarks
The Divine has always been upon Earth since its inception, not only as an essence hidden behind the surfaces of life, but also taking a body and assuming a form to take creation forward through the evolutionary march of Mankind. What we see now is a brief introduction to King Aswapati who is one such involutionary being, a being from the higher Consciousness who as the Divine Representative has come to call and establish the truth of Savitri upon Earth. He has descended here to install the Divine Mother in the human heart. The Seer-King Aswapati, the human father of Savitri, has performed a tapasya (yagna in the original story) for the birth of Savitri, a partial incarnation of the Divine Mother. Earth and humanity has aspired for her coming since long, but it is only now that the time has come. Aswapati is the forerunner, a divine representative in humanity and a being from the Higher Worlds, who has come to prepare Earth and Humanity for the Advent of Savitri.

A world’s desire
A World’s desire compelled her mortal birth.

The very first line of this canto summarises the secret of Savitri’s birth. The Divine Advent is compelled by the aspiration of the Ages that burns in the secret heart of the world.

One in the front
One in the front of the immemorial quest,
Protagonist of the mysterious play
In which the Unknown pursues himself through forms
And limits his eternity by the hours
And the blind Void struggles to live and see,
A thinker and toiler in the ideal’s air,
Brought down to earth’s dumb need her radiant power.

We are now being introduced to Ashwapati the seer-king whose tapasya has brought down to earth the Divine Mother’s radiant power, now born as his daughter Savitri. In the forefront of the human quest, Aswapti embodies man’s incessant seeking and will to climb towards Light, Truth, Peace, Bliss, Freedom, Immortality.

A Colonist from Immortality
His was a spirit that stooped from larger spheres
Into our province of ephemeral sight,
A colonist from immortality.

That is to say he is an involutionary being who has descended from the higher immortal planes of Existence.

The All-wise who lead the unseeing world
A pointing beam on earth’s uncertain roads,
His birth held up a symbol and a sign;
His human self like a translucent cloak
Covered the All-Wise who leads the unseeing world.

There is a Divine consciousness involved in Matter that is slowly emerging from the Inconscient. It embodies itself from Age to Age in a human form to Guide and lead the evolutionary march of mankind. The presence of beings like Aswapati is a promise of the future. Though human in appearance his inner being is one with the Divine who seeks to manifest here upon earth in and through our humanity. Thus he becomes a representative of our humanity aspiring for a diviner life.

Paying here God’s debt to earth and man
Affiliated to cosmic Space and Time
And paying here God’s debt to earth and man
A greater sonship was his divine right.

Beings of the higher domains belongs to the entire creation. Though born in a certain environment culture and country, no Age or Civilization can claim them since they are identified with the Divine and are here simply to help humanity grow towards Light and Freedom and Immortality. Through them God pays His debt to humanity. Since He has created Earth and man, He owes it to mankind to save and transmute it into His perfect image.

Consenting to mortal ignorance
Although consenting to mortal ignorance,
His knowledge shared the Light ineffable.

Though veiled in an earthly body and hence subject to the laws of earthly life, he was inwardly conscious of his divine origin and embodied the Wisdom that belongs to the realms beyond the Mind.

A strength of the original Permanence
A strength of the original Permanence
Entangled in the moment and its flow,
He kept the vision of the Vasts behind:
A power was in him from the Unknowable.

It was a deliberate decision to plunge into the fields of Ignorance to bring there the Light. Though identified with our struggling humanity and hence sharing its suffering and pain, he was conscious of the Power that can help uplift the human race.

The Stamp of mighty memories
An archivist of the symbols of the Beyond,
A treasurer of superhuman dreams,
He bore the stamp of mighty memories
And shed their grandiose ray on human life.

He brought with him the dream-truths of the future and implanted them in the soil of earthly mind. Reconnecting with the past lines of similar effort, his words and deeds helped the human race receive a greater Light than it had known so far.

Growth to the Supreme
His days were a long growth to the Supreme.

Though everything is slowly growing towards the Divine, there are a few chosen beings who come especially to hasten this growth.

A skyward being
A skyward being nourishing its roots
On sustenance from occult spiritual founts     (p 23 begins)
Climbed through white rays to meet an unseen Sun.

Going beyond mind and through intuitive realms, the seer-king climbed towards the supramental summits, sustaining his aspiration amidst a world that hardly seeks for Truth and Light.

Eternity’s delegate
His soul lived as eternity’s delegate,
His mind was like a fire assailing heaven,
His will a hunter in the trails of light.

Such beings open the doors of a higher consciousness, of a greater and vaster Truth for earth and men. They lead the way as forerunners of the future creating pathways for others to follow.

Footprints of a god
An ocean impulse lifted every breath;
Each action left the footprints of a god,
Each moment was a beat of puissant wings.

There speech and their silence, their will and thoughts and acts all help nourish earth’s aspiration and its growth towards Light and Freedom and Truth. Their very presence is a help to Earth and men.

Living Infinite
The little plot of our mortality
Touched by this tenant from the heights became
A playground of the living Infinite.

They marry the soil to the sky, matter to the Spirit, the Earth to the Heavens and allow the influx of the Infinite in our finite lives.

Closing remarks
Thus we are introduced to the Seer-King Aswapati, a being from the higher consciousness, a representative of the Divine upon earth who has come to help humanity in its Godward climb and open the doors to the future.

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