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At the Feet of The Mother

Worlds of the Deathless, pp. 123-124

Opening Remarks
The higher worlds of Life are peopled with deathless beings whom we know as gods. Sri Aurobindo gives us a glimpse of these worlds and what they represent in the grand scheme of things.

God’s breath
These worlds could feel God’s breath visiting their tops;
Some glimmer of the Transcendent’s hem was there.

These Life worlds have emerged from the breath of God and therefore it can still be felt on its high peaks where the Life-Worlds emerge and enter into the solitude of God’s embrace. Something of the Transcendent’s Glory and light is felt there though not yet in its fullness as it is not the ultimate Home of Truth.

Embodied joy
Across the white aeonic silences
Immortal figures of embodied joy
Traversed wide spaces near to eternity’s sleep.

The beings of these worlds are immortal and embody God’s joy even as they move across wide spaces of purity and Light closing on to the Silence of eternity.

Sweetness, beatitude and bliss
Pure mystic voices in beatitude’s hush
Appealed to Love’s immaculate sweetnesses,
Calling his honeyed touch to thrill the worlds,
His blissful hands to seize on Nature’s limbs,
His sweet intolerant might of union
To take all beings into his saviour arms,
Drawing to his pity the rebel and the waif
To force on them the happiness they refuse.

These worlds were filled with mystic voices invoking the sweetness of Love so that It’s bliss can take all creatures in its fiery embrace and save and remake them by pouring upon their lives the joy they seek but find not.

The slumbering ear of ecstasy
A chant hymeneal to the unseen Divine,
A flaming rhapsody of white desire
Lured an immortal music into the heart
And woke the slumbering ear of ecstasy.

These voices were like chant of hymns raised to the Unseen Divine, mounting upwards like the pure flame it brought down immortal music to men’s heart and woke in us the ear for sounds of ecstasy.

A purer, fierier sense
A purer, fierier sense had there its home,
A burning urge no earthly limbs can hold;
One drew a large unburdened spacious breath
And the heart sped from beat to rapturous beat.

The senses there were transmuted to hold the burning flame of rapture and the power of God’s mighty breath released from narrow bounds of thoughts and feelings.

Joy and Beauty and Wonder
The voice of Time sang of the Immortal’s joy;
An inspiration and a lyric cry,
The moments came with ecstasy on their wings;
Beauty unimaginable moved heaven-bare
Absolved from boundaries in the vasts of dream;
The cry of the Birds of Wonder called from the skies
To the deathless people of the shores of Light.

Freed from limits, these worlds felt the moments and the movement of Time as waves of ecstasy and immortal joy known only to the great gods. Beauty roamed there without garbs and wonder and ecstasy called the deathless beings of this world as birds from the skies.

Closing Remarks
Thus we see essentially that these high worlds of Life are a beautiful consummation of what we seek but miss since our senses and feelings move within a small and narrow range of earthly experience. But there, in the wideness of eternity, all that we seek here but seldom feel or find is embodied naturally and spontaneously.

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