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At the Feet of The Mother

X. 3. LETTERS. Letters to N. and S. — Foundations of Yoga (III)

Self-control — Purification of Nature — Peace and Surrender


To have self-control — not to be attracted to anyone, not to encourage the vital pull of anyone and not to throw any vital spell or attraction on a person this is called remaining sincere within oneself.

* * *

Why do you speak of sin — it is not sin but human weakness. The soul is ever pure, the psychic being too is always pure and the inner mind, vital and physical can also become pure, yet the old weaknesses of character stick to the outer nature of the external being for a long time; it is difficult to acquire a perfect purity, complete sincerity, determination; patience and an ever wakeful vigilance are necessary. If the psychic being remains in front, ever awake, exercising its influence, there is nothing to fear, but often it is not so. The Rakshasi Maya, the evil nature, dupes the mind and finds a way of entry through this old weak point. So every time it has to be chased away and the road blocked.

* * *

The vital must not be destroyed; no work can be done without it, indeed life could not be maintained. The vital has to be transformed and made into an instrument of the Divine.

* * *

Keep within you the peace and the Mother’s force and light and do everything peacefully — then there is no need of anything else — all this will clear up.

* * *

This is a conflict of two opposite influences — when the influence of the forces of truth touches the body, everything is cured — the influence of ignorance brings back disease, pain and neurosis.

All that is in the ignorance dwells as light-darkness within a universal consciousness, but that does not mean that light and darkness have the same value. One has to reject darkness and welcome light.

It is not at all necessary to observe rules. If one refuses calmly, quietly and with determination, then gradually the hold of ignorance falls away. If one is upset, (impatient, blind or loses hope), then the forces of ignorance become stronger and gather more courage to attack.

* * *

The difficulties do not go away easily. Even all the difficulties of a very great sadhak do not disappear in a moment on a fixed day. I have already said it many times that one has to remain peaceful and unagitated and slowly advance with full trust in the Mother — it cannot be done in an instant. “I want everything today”: if you make this demand, it may create more difficulties. One has to remain calm and quiet.

* * *

There cannot be any ego behind the psychic and the psychic condition. However, the ego coming from the vital tries to associate itself with the psychic. If you observe anything of this nature, do not accept it but surrender it to the Mother in order to be freed from it.

The straight road is the way of the psychic; it goes up without winding on the strength of surrender and in the light of true vision; somewhat straight, somewhat circuitous is the path of the mental askesis and completely tortuous is the path of the vital, full of desire and lacking in knowledge; but as the vital has true yearning, it is nevertheless possible to go by that road.

* * *

First, the consciousness must be empty and vast in which the light and force from above can find room. If it is not emptied, the old movements continue to play and the things from above do not find a suitable place.

This kind of emptiness comes to the sadhak when the higher consciousness descends into the mind and the vital in order to prepare them before occupying them. Also when the Self is experienced, its first touch brings a vast peaceful emptiness; later on a vast and massive peace and silence, a calm and immutable Ananda descend into that emptiness.

* * *

In this yoga the realisation cannot be attained by going upwards alone — the realisation will come when the higher truth, peace and light, etc. descend and get fixed in the mind, vital and body.

If the higher consciousness comes down and you reject all the falsehood of the mind, vital and body, the truth will be established.

It will not do to be entirely silent nor is it good. In the early stage to remain silent and grave as much as possible is favourable to sadhana — when the external nature will be full of the Mother, the true consciousness will remain even while speaking and laughing, etc.

Contact with the higher consciousness and descent of the nature of that higher consciousness, its peace, knowledge and depth — are the only means of obtaining siddhi in the yoga.

The vital has to be controlled and the Force allowed to occupy the mind, vital and body.

* * *

This state of sleep is very good. Sleep must be conscious like this.

It happens like this when sleep becomes conscious — the sadhana continues in sleep as in waking.

The rule in this sadhana is to bring down everything, to have all the spiritual experiences in the waking state. Of course, in the early stages there is more meditation and it may be very beneficial right to the end — but, if the experiences are obtained in meditation only, the entire being is not transformed. For this reason to have them in a waking state is a good sign.

* * *

Peace is the first to come; unless the whole instrument becomes full of peace, it is difficult for the knowledge to descend. Once peace is established, the vast infinite consciousness of the Mother manifests itself; the ego is drowned in it and finally disappears without leaving any trace. In that infinity only the Mother and her eternal portion are left.

This is very good. It is a genuine experience. When this peace spreads in the entire being and becomes firm, solid and durable, the first foundation of the spiritual consciousness is established.

To bring down peace and force in the nervous system is the only way to strengthen the nerves.

* * *

What you have been told from within is really true. Only errors, blunders, falsehood and suffering come from the external consciousness which is a field for the play of the little ego. One has to remain within — the real consciousness which has true feeling and true vision and is free from the least taint of ego, pride and desire; let that grow. Then the Mother’s consciousness will be established in you. Pride, conflict and the difficulties of the human nature will come to an end.

The more one thinks of the obstacles, the more power they have over one. One should open oneself to the Mother and think more of the Divine, of the light, peace and Ananda.

This limitless peace, the more it increases, the better it is. Peace is the foundation of the yoga.

When this empty state comes, remain calm and call the Mother. Everyone has this empty state, only when it is full of peace, can it be beneficial. If there is unrest, it gives no result.

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