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At the Feet of The Mother

Yoga of the Body 11: Dealing with Difficulties (HH 050)

The way of dealing with the difficulties of Nature is different in this yoga than one does it in the traditional paths. Here the goal is transformation of nature and not an escape from it. Therefore we are called upon to confront and work through the different layers and dimensions of nature. This working through is not to be confused with the same term that is being often used in contemporary psychology. Here the key word is sincerity, which means to observe the different movements of nature just as they are, neither covering it up with denial nor justifying it or blaming it on others. One has to also reckon with the play of forces that supports the movement and finally find that little dark corner within oneself that attracts the movement and allows it to recur. This talk covers some of aspects and ways of dealing with the problems of human nature in this yoga.

Words of the Mother


‘The whole thing is to hold on. And to hold on, I have found only one way; it is this Calm, the inner calm a calm that has to become all the more… (how to say it?) complete, as the struggle is more material.
There has been for some time past (particularly since the first of January) a kind of bombardment of adverse forces a fury, you know. Then you must remain like this (Mother becomes immobile like a statue), that is all. And when physically you have been shaken, you must not ask too much of the body, you must give it a good deal of tranquillity, a good deal of rest.

The difficulty is that I am very much absorbed by the condition of this body, it takes away much of my consciousness  the physical mind, for example, invades me completely.

Answer: Yes, I know it very well. But that is always the difficulty, the difficulty of everyone. That is why in the past they used to tell you, “Get away! Leave it alone to flounder about you get away.” But we have no right to do that, it is contrary to our work. And you know, you can arrive very well at an almost absolute freedom with regard to your body, so much so that you can feel nothing, nothing at all. But I no longer have even the right to exteriorise myself, just imagine! Even when I am quite unwell or things are quite difficult or even when I am left a little quiet, that is to say, at night, and I say to myself, “Oh, to go into my blissfulness” it is not permitted. I am bound there (Mother touches her body). It is there, there that it is to be realised.
It is for that.

Only from time to time, for a precise action (sometimes it comes like a flash of lightning, sometimes for a few minutes only), the great Power that was there before, that used to be constantly felt, comes rushing, does its work, then goes away. But never on this body. It never does anything for this body it is not a higher intervention that will change it, it is… from within.

The same thing is happening to you, it happens to everybody who does the work, and that is the difficulty. That is why I tell you: “It does not matter, do not worry if you are occupied with your body; only try to profit by that profit by this preoccupation to bring into it the Peace, the Peace.” Always it is as though I was enveloping you within a cocoon of Peace. And then, if you could put, precisely into this mind that vibrates, stirs all the while, truly like a monkey, if you could put there… it is a Peace which acts directly in this material vibration a Peace in which everything relaxes.

Do not think, do not think of trying to transform this physical mind or to silence it or abolish it; all that is still activity. Simply let it go on, but… put the Peace, feel the Peace, live the Peace, know the Peace the Peace, the Peace.
That is the only thing.’

The Mother: CWM, Vol. 11, pp. 8 – 91, January 2, 1965

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