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At the Feet of The Mother

Spirituality and the Path of Yoga

Spirituality refers to all that is yet beyond the reach of the human mind. It implies that there are domains and ranges of consciousness beyond man that can be acquired through various paths.
Yoga means union with the Divine. In practice it implies coming in contact with and being established in higher and higher states of consciousness.  It is the means to grow in spiritual and eventually the Divine Consciousness. 
No yoga is easy. Even the easiest of all,  bhakti,  has its own set of challenges and difficulties.  But then nothing comes easily in life without effort though sometimes it may seem so. Yet it is because effort has been put in previous lives and one is bearing the fruits now. This is the reassuring part of the law of Karma that no effort is eventually wasted. It is carried over to lives beyond.  In any case whatever comes without effort is also lost as easily or is misused as one does not value it enough. 
It may be said and with some truth in it that one engaged in yoga has to face inner challenges in addition to the outer challenges in everybody’s life. In Sri Aurobindo’s  yoga there is  the added burden of taking up the difficulties of a representative and cosmic nature. Though true in the beginning, if the aspirant has faith and sincerity of aspiration,  if he is able to open to the Mother and genuinely surrender,  then a helping hand of the Grace is felt constantly and especially during critical moments of the journey. 
Reading books is not enough yet it is a powerful aid and prepares us well for the journey.  Of course one has to practice but how will one practice if one knows not what should be done. Both are needed, the knowledge of the Path which generally comes through books and walking upon the path through dedicated service, constant remembrance and offering of oneself and one’s actions to the Divine. 
Yes one has to reject the lower nature and it takes long, sometimes very long. That is perseverance and patience are needed and above all cheerfulness.  Yoga is not done with a restless,  impatient,  despairing and doubting mind. 
It is also true that not many are called to the Path and it is never a good thing to try to convert others or be eager to pull people.  But those who have felt the call for the Path should not throw away the opportunity or shrink from the effort because of the difficulties. Here as indeed everywhere,  it is better to try even if one is unable to succeed immediately or in one life than not try at all simply because despite the call one was afraid of the difficulties. 

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